Virtual Crate Digging Experience at #beatniks

Ever felt like hunting through the #beatniks racks but can’t get instore?  Maybe you live interstate and have spied something on our website or socials you wouldn’t mind checking out?  Then our virtual crate digging experience is for you!

Let one of our experienced staff members do the flicking for you.  With our virtual crate digging experience, we take you on a guided tour of the racks at #beatniks, delve into what you want to add to your collection whether you’re just starting out or adding to an established collection.  We can show condition, pressing details and answer any questions you may have.  Also provide recommendations and chat all things music with you from the comfort of your own home!  How good is that?  If you want to get started hit the link below to book your virtual crate digging experience now!  Enter your details and a little about what you’re interested in and you’re all set.  We look forward to digging with you soon.

PS* For all our interstate customers there is loads more stock instore than what we have on our website.